called to create

I feel most alive, most aligned and in my zone when I am creating. I strongly believe we are all given different gifting and passions that when we follow, lead to magic.  Storytelling though photography is mine, and although running my own creative business seems crazy at times, I couldn't imagine it any other way.

I studied kinesiology (movement) in college. And even though I haven't used my degree in the ways I thought I would... I still let movement inspire me daily in my photos and just in general!

A bit about me

I officially tricked my boyfriend Nick into being my second shooter (dream team!) and now he is super into it. He may tag along at our sessions!

a bit about me

Del Mar means of the sea, it is not my last name! It was just a catchy instagram handle that turned into the perfect business name. I feel most calm and inspired near the water. 

a bit about me

We have little french bulldog named Frank. He pretty much runs the show and were obsessed with him. 

a bit about me

I LOVE Joanna Gaines and all things interior design / thrifting. The last time I went to Magnolia market I met Joanna's mom and was kind of star struck and yes I got a photo. 

a bit about me


my photography story

It all started when I moved to Southern California for college. Capturing the beauty there through photos felt natural.  I was constantly inspired by the scenery and vibes in California, which led me to really pursue photography! Even though I'm no longer living there, I still hold on that easy-going, effortless beauty of the West Coast and let that inspire my photography style. 

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Photo by becca romero